Electronic bingo handsets and stationary electronic units offer players a unique way to play and socialize with their bingo friends and family. With a wide variety of choices these versatile units make ‘dabbing for bingo’ easier than ever.

Good-Time Bingo Distribution is a proud distributor of the latest hand-held and stationary electronic units from companies like…

  • Arrow and their Max and LD series handsets
  • Fortunet’s Traveler and Ted-E handsets
  • Video King and their full complement of electronic units including the Tab-E, Champ II and Champ-E products, along with their Super and Lil Champ handsets and the PowerTouch stationary series.

And, Good-Time Bingo Distribution has also developed its own GMAXX electronic handset unit. Powered by software from Lake Street Gaming based in Minnesota, the nation’s largest single bingo market, Good-Time has more than 2,000 GMAXX units in play in Texas. This unit continues to be a viable alternative for Halls looking for a reliable, affordable unit.

Let a Good-Time representative help you navigate the electronic bingo market. We’re committed to getting you the best price and best product for you needs. Call us today at 800-234-5663 or 972-234-5620.

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