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Distributed exclusively by G-TAG®

Hidden River Hold 'Em™ offers exciting twists that will change the way you think about Hold 'Em poker. Bring profitability back to your pit with a new patent pending poker game. Your players will love it and your CFO will love you because Hidden River Hold 'Em™ has a house edge that maximizes both action and profits.

There's treasure to be found on the Hidden River, and the key to unlocking that treasure is the River card. Unlike Texas Hold Em, in Hidden River Hold 'Em™ the River Card is not a community card, but an individual face down player card, hence the "Hidden River". Each player won't know their full hand until it is time for the "Showdown at the Hidden River" where the dealer announces the dealer hand and then turns over the player's cards.

Another jewel that may be found on the Hidden River is the built-in Three River Bonus. Based on the player's unique 3 card hand (2 hole cards plus 1 Hidden River card), the Three River Bonus can pay up to a 50x bonus!

The Hidden River card is the key to unlocking more bonus pays too. If the player beats the dealer and also makes a new jackpot hand ranking** on the Hidden River card, the Blind wager will be paid with a 2x multiplier!

Hidden River Hold 'Em™ offers an optional one ($1) dollar Jackpot that pays $10 for a Full House and up to $2,500 for a Royal Flush. And for all the treasure seekers on the Hidden River, a $250 "Royal Envy" bonus pay if anyone at the table finds the Royal Flush.

Riches continue to flow from the Hidden River when any Hidden River Hold 'Em™ Jackpot hand is made on the Hidden River, all Jackpot pays double!

That's right, a 2x multiplier will be paid on all jackpot pays if the player makes a new jackpot hand ranking** on the Hidden River Card. That Full House is now worth $20; the Royal worth $5,000 plus $500 to each player for the Royal Envy bonus. Better yet, you don't even have to beat the dealer to win the Jackpot; it pays regardless of the dealer's hand.

Hidden River Hold 'Em™ is easy to learn, easy to play and easy to deal. It has a higher earning potential and is more fun than any other Hold 'Em Pit game.