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Products  //  Table Games  //  Pure Blend 21

Distributed exclusively by G-TAG®

PureBlend™ 21 is a patent pending blackjack side-bet game that brings color to the world of card games. PureBlend™ 21 uses multiple color-coded decks to create frequent pays, large prizes, more fun and higher profit to blackjack.

PureBlend™ 21 plays like BlackJack, the colors of the cards do not affect the blackjack game, pays or house edge.

PureBlend™ 21's optional side-bet pays for 'pure' and 'blended' hands. Pure hands are those with cards from the same color deck, and blended hands are those with cards from different color decks. Its easy for players to understand and creates multiple win opportunities.

Unlike other games, PureBlend™ 21's side-bet is completely independent from the blackjack outcome. The side-bet outcome is also independent of the dealer's and other players' cards. PureBlend™ 21 even allows an opportunity to win the side-bet on a busted blackjack hand.

The PureBlend™ 21 side-bet pays up to 1,000 to 1 and all blackjacks are automatic side-bet wins! PureBlend™ 21 has an unprecedented win frequency of 1 in 2.7. On aver-age, there will be 2 or more winners on every hand! PureBlend™ 21 brings slot-machine hit frequencies to table games, which encourages side-bet action!

A choice of 7.3% or 10.5 % pay tables makes PureBlend™ 21 profitable too. Not only will players enjoy more frequent and larger wins, the house will enjoy increased action & profits.